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Ultimate Guide To Mouse Techniques – Microsoft Word

Ultimate Guide To Mouse Techniques – Microsoft Word
Ultimate Guide To Mouse Techniques – Microsoft Word

Mouse is one of the important devices that are used to enter data to the computer. It makes human-computer interaction very easy and enjoyable.
As a computer user, you must be proficient in the use of a mouse to make computer usage a good experience. Computer can still be used with only the keyboard, but this is only used by an advanced use. For example, computer engineers can work without mouse if the mouse input is faulty. They know all the shortcut keys to use in place of mouse.

This tutorial, ultimate guide to mouse techniques is written for the beginners and intermediate users who want to broaden their knowledge in Microsoft word. With my ten years’ experience as a computer teacher, Microsoft office precisely, I have come to know that many computer users do not know how to use the mouse effectively.

In this lesson, I will be looking into four beginners guide to mouse techniques in Microsoft word. So, sit back and follow the lesson. A quick look at the mouse techniques before we start:

1.Left –click
4.Dragging the mouse

Mouse Left-Click and Right-Click
Mouse Left-Click and Right-Click

       1.            Left-Click
Clicking the left mouse button once allows you to select any text or object on the screen. This mouse action is only used for selection. For example, to select a Microsoft word icon on the desktop, just click once on the mouse button.

       2.            Right-Click
By clicking the right mouse button, you will notice a menu is displayed showing a list of options to choose from. This menu is called shortcut menu. This menu is used. If you are confused on what to do next, to show actions that can be carried out on what has been selected.


For example,  if I right-click on Microsoft word icon on the desktop. The shortcut menu for this iron is displayed as shown below. From there, I can now select “Open” from the list. In short, right-click is used to show shortcut menu.

       3.            Double-click
Clicking the left mouse button twice on any folder or icon will open and displays the content of the folder or icon. Double-click is mainly used to open a folder, and secondly to launch an application.

Microsoft Word Icon
Microsoft Word Icon

       4.            Dragging the mouse
Hold down the left muse button and move the mouse from the beginning of a text, sentence, and paragraph across to the end of the text. As you move the mouse across the text, it will be selected gradually.
This mouse technique is the best if you are selecting part of a paragraph in Microsoft word document.

Let me know if you are having any problem on this tutorial. You can drop your comments here. I will also try to add a video tutorial on this topic – “Ultimate Guide To Mouse Techniques-Microsoft word” for better understanding. Thank you for reading.

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