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Blogger Tutorial For Beginners – How To Add Page

Blogger Tutorial For Beginners – How To Add Page
Blogger Tutorial For Beginners – How To Add Page

Hi everyone, in this tutorial how to create /add page in Google blogger blog, I am going to show you every step on how to do that. Why do we need pages on blogger? Is it necessary? That is the question most of my fans asked me when they are starting a new Google blogger blog. 

I am here to give the answer to this question, and carefully explain the steps you will follow to create all the important pages yourself. Pages are static contents you add to your blog that tells people who you are, what your blog is all about, your contact information, and privacy policy. 

There are many pages you can create on blogger blog, pages like About Us, Contact Us, Site Map, Privacy Policy, etc. These pages are necessary especially when you want to join some affiliate or ads network like Google AdSense.

To get accepted into Google AdSense, you must add About Us, Contact Us, and Privacy Policy pages. This is because, Google want serious people and people with identity. By having these pages on your site, visitor to your site can contact you and also get information about your company/blog site.

To create a new page on your blog, please follow the steps below
Step one:

Blogger Tutorial For Beginners – How To Add Page1

Login to blogger account at www.blogger.com and select the blog you want to create a page for.
In blogger dashboard, select pages > New Page. A new page editor is opened – Same as post page. In this blogger tutorial for beginners, I want to add an ‘About Us’ page. So in the title bar just type “About Us”.

Step two:

Blogger Tutorial For Beginners – How To Add Page2

Next, click in the content area and type anything about yourself and your company/blog site. But in this tutorial, I am going to use a temporary content from www.html-ipsum.com and copy paste the content as can be seen in the image below.

Step three:

Blogger Tutorial For Beginners – How To Add Page3

Click on publish button to save and update the page. The “About Us” page is now ready to be view. Copy the URL of the page you have just created, and switch back to Layout and update the navigation menu with new pages link so that your site visitors can access your page from the home page.

This process can be used to create other pages like Contact Us page, Site Map page, Privacy Policy, etc. I am very sure with this tutorial – Blogger Tutorial For Beginners-How To Add Page, you should be able add other types of pages. Please, fill free to share your opinion and comment on this post. Thank you.

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