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Working With Microsoft Word Files- Beginners Guide

Working With Microsoft Word Files- Beginners Guide
Working With Microsoft Word Files- Beginners Guide

In this tutorial, working with Microsoft word files, we shall be looking at how we can create a new document, open an existing document, renaming document, and even closing Microsoft word.

Opening Microsoft word

The very first step in using Microsoft word is to open/launch it for use.  To open Microsoft word, there are three methods to use:

1)      Desktop

Look for the Microsoft-word icon on the computer screen, and double-click to open it.

2)      Start menu

i.                     Click on the windows start menu button.
ii.                   Select “All Programs”.
iii.                  Select “Microsoft Office”.
iv.                 Select “Microsoft Word”.

3)      Recent

This method can be used to open recently used word documents.  About 30 word documents can be accessed with this method.  Follow the steps below:

                                            I.            Open Microsoft word.
                                          II.            Click on Microsoft office button.
                                        III.            Select “Recent”.
                                        IV.            Select word document you want to open.

Create word document

By creating a new document, I mean saving your document for the first time in the desired folder in your computer.  To create a new word    document, follow the steps below:


       1.             Click on Microsoft office button.
       2.            Select one “Save As”.
       3.            In the “Save As” dialogue box, type the name for the document, and also choose the location/destination folder
       4.            Select Save

Rename word documents

Renaming a document may sometime be necessary to portray the content or purpose of document. To rename a word document, first locate the folder where the file is saved. Follow the steps  below:

        I.            Right-click on the document.
      II.            Select rename from the opened shortcut menu.
    III.            Type a new name in the selected bar.
    IV.            And press enter key when done.

Close document

For proper computer usage, all opened applications must be properly closed before shutting the computer down. Failure to shutdown correctly may lead to damage or totally losing the document.
In all the Microsoft office applications, there are many ways to close an application. But in this tutorial, I am going to explain three methods:

        I.            Close button

The close button is on the title bar at the very top of the screen.by clicking on this button, you can close Microsoft word.

Microsoft word close button

      II.            Task bar

By right-clicking on minimized button of Microsoft word the task bar, a menu containing “Close window” is displayed. Click on close.

microsft word logo
Microsft word logo

    III.            Microsoft word logo

This logo is on left side of the title bar as you can see it below. Just click on the logo, a menu containing Restore, Move, Minimize, Maximize, and Close. Click on close.


These four methods of working with Microsoft word files can also be used with any office application (Excel, Word, Access, and PowerPoint).
Thanks you for reading, your commends are welcomed.

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